That lovable goofball from Texas, George W. Bush sure has played some funny pranks on us. He's told great jokes about Iraq (we loved that one about the aluminum tubes for making nuclear weapons), Saddam Hussein being pals with Al Qaeda, and all sorts of one-liners about weapons of mass destruction. Besides his deadpan delivery, he's a master of sight-gags and visual puns (remember that silly "Mission Accomplished" banner?). And he always makes us chuckle with his schoolboy antics. That trick he played on the troops when he visited a veteran's hospital while simultaneously cutting veteran's benefits was great. The whole "No Child Left Behind" tomfoolery still has us in stitches. His pranks on the environment, tax cuts for the rich, the budget, education, medicare, and labor laws are all classics. And of course there's our personal favorite-- W. promising to give the states money for terrorism defense (especially fire fighters and police budgets), then sneaking out and making them foot the bill! Hilarious!

Since he's a busy a guy, what with being President and getting to take more vacations than the average American worker is allowed, he doesn't usually have time to leave a calling card. As American citizens, show your patriotic duty and give the president some help. You can download a printable version of the "Ha Ha Fooled You" artwork-- either to make your own stencil with or just to wheatpaste the prints up around your town. Let the president know that you appreciate his sense of humor!

Download a printable version of the Ha Ha Fooled You stencil.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

To make a stencil, follow these steps:
1) Print a copy of the PDF. If your printer only prints 8.5x11 size paper, we recommend using a photocopier to enlarge on 11x17 paper (the detail areas will be easier to cut).
2) Laminate or use a spray mount or glue to attach the print to a piece of heavy posterboard.
3) Using a sharp exacto knife carefully cut out the black areas.
4) Spray! And God Bless America!

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