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Double Dagger
The Final Record & Documentary Film

If We Shout Loud Enough upcoming screenings:
Tom Tom Festival, Charlottesville April 12, 2014
More screenings/distribution announced soon!

Double Dagger 333 ALbum Cover and Documentary DVD If We Shout Loud Enough

The final Double Dagger record, 333, is out now on limited edition vinyl LP or digital download from Thrill Jockey Records.

333 vinyl is mostly gone, however a limited number of extra copies may be available at these fine independent record stores: Normals, True Vine, Coda Records, Atomic Books, Celebrated Summer (Baltimore area); Other Music, Co-op 87 (Brooklyn); Music Millenium (Portland, OR). Roomrunner, Peals, and Pure Junk have a few LPs for sale at upcoming shows.

Digital download is available now through iTunes, Fina Music, and others.

Limited copies of the If We Shout Loud Enough DVD are available here.

About the Film:

"If We Shout Loud Enough is an inside look at the Baltimore underground music scene through one of its most pivotal bands, Double Dagger.
"This intimate and entertaining portrait follows the band as they complete their final tour and album, tracing the history and growth of the band and of Baltimore's underground music scene. Meet Nolen, a singer who stutters uncontrollably until he picks up the microphone; Bruce, a bassist who can make his battered instrument sound like an entire rock band; Denny, whose drumset regularly collapses under the force of his pummeling; and dozens of the fans, musicians, and artists who have catalyzed the city's music community. Along the way, the band reflects on why Baltimore has become such a vital and diverse creative breeding ground for the ethos of DIY music and art."

If We Shout Loud Enough is filled with extraordinary performance footage from Double Dagger's last tour, much of it shot from amid the sweaty bodies surging around the band. Featuring interviews with: Dan Deacon and members of Wye Oak, Future Islands, Ruiner, Thank You, and many others. Plus: Baltimore music historian Tim Kabara, Bonus Features, and more!

"The focus is on one band and its arc, but really, the story could be about so many bands, particularly many of those that call Charm City home. Years from now, when people look to relive or discover the epoch of the Baltimore music renaissance, this will be one of the finest documents of what it was like to be here in that time and place." --Brandon Weigel, Baltimore City Paper

"As this charming, funny, and skillful film demonstrates, music, decoupled from corporate ambitions, has a singular communal power." --Jed Dietz, Director, Maryland Film Festival

About the Record:

333 was recorded after Double Dagger's final tour and features all new material, including songs debuted at the final shows and other tracks written during recording sessions in late 2011.

"[T]he stunning swan song, 333 ... encapsulates everything we loved about Double Dagger while at the same time also reminding us of the group’s prodigious talent and potential by exploring new sounds and forms." -- Baltimore City Paper "Best of Baltimore"

Listen to 333's closing track, "Heretic's Hymn":

Read some of what people are saying here, here, and here.

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